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Figuring out just what your customers think about you and your competitors it not always easy. In fact, it is just about one of the most difficult tasks that you can undertake, due in no small part to all the background noise that prevents us from reading into customer ratings and other data properly. Challenging as it may be, though, this is something that is worth taking on. The better you understand your customers and potential customers, the more efficiently you can connect with them and lead your business into a brighter future.


Fortunately, there is help available. We have developed Phenx to provide AI-powered analytics that go far beyond simple numerical ratings that anyone can scrape off the internet with a few lines of code. Our system analyzes keywords across multiple platforms, including ones that offer no rating system otherwise, breaking down the keywords for the sentiment that they express and then generating a more precise and more informed gauge of what people think and feel about you and your competitors.


Gone are the days that ratings were all we had to go off of! Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, which are two of the most popular places for people to talk about products and both of which are completely devoid of rating systems, will crack open and reveal to you truths previously inaccessible, making a significant impact on your awareness of your market. Phenx takes into account details that simple ratings analysis does not and even compares how numerical ratings align with keyword scores, compiling a much more enlightening AI-based sentiment score.


Phenx features support for both English and Spanish, it is easy to use, and it could just be what you need to finally achieve your wildest dreams in the business world. 

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