Phenx uses its cutting-edge, proprietary Owl technology to make AI useful and accessible, at an affordable price.


Solutions that bring significant benefits to your business.
01 / Real-Time
Risk Scoring

Explainable AI-powered risk scoring for a variety of applications like a credit application, claims, fraud detection, segmentation, using a broad spectrum of data.

02 / Demand 

Dynamic forecasting using a broad spectrum of data elements like weather, social media markers, promotions, and many others to increase accuracy around spikes along with overall improved fit.

03 / Supply Chain 

End to end optimization from supply-side forecasting to demand forecasting with business rule optimization.

04 / CRM
AI-based Analytics

AI-powered Natural Language Processing to understand what is on the customer's mind. The system goes beyond customer ratings and extracts out key pain points and things the customer wants.   

05 / System
Health Prediction

Autonomous anomaly detection and continuous learning system that flags any emerging problems early on. This system can be used in a variety of scenarios like robot health, manufacturing process, camera-based system, etc.  

06 / Research
& Tailored Solutions

Phenx also aids the customer to solve for unique problems and offers research as a service model.


Read the white paper! See how it all comes together for an automotive dealership/finance space.

Applications in Auto Space

Customers love us
Credit Decisioning Engine

"Phenx is an integral component of our mission-driven strategy to deliver financial inclusion to an underserved, credit invisible consumer.  Saurabh and his team have demonstrated the tremendous value in the application of deep learning to significantly enhance the decisioning power of our risk segmentation model."



- Daniel Chu, CEO Tricolor Auto Group


Phenx Machine Learning Technologies Inc. takes pride in providing disruptive solutions driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Its mission is to increase the value of time by making business processes more intelligent and less reliant on humans so that people can focus their energy on things that involve curiosity and creativity.


Owl AI, developed by Phenx, is a self-contained, proprietary AI system built upon state-of-art deep learning algorithms that automatically learn the core patterns hidden in the data to help make smart business decisions. The autonomous nature of Owl AI makes it incredibly easy and fast to adapt to various business applications such as under-writing, fraud detection, marketing strategy, and call-center optimization.


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