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Intrigued by AI but concerned about security of your data? Private AI ensures the security of your data.

"By 2027, more than 50% of the GenAI models that enterprises use will be specific to either an industry or business function."

- Gartner

Custom-Built AI

We specialize in providing a comprehensive suite of AI-driven solutions, including bespoke Large Language Models (LLMs), designed to meet a wide array of business needs. Whether it's streamlining operations, enhancing decision-making, or unlocking new opportunities for growth, our custom LLMs and AI technologies are tailored to propel your business forward, ensuring a competitive edge in an ever-evolving market landscape.

On-Premises Deployment

The sovereignty of your data is paramount. Our on-premises AI solutions provide the security and control you need, ensuring that your proprietary data, from customer information to trade secrets, remains within your control, secure from external threats and in compliance with data privacy laws.

Why Privacy Cannot Be Overlooked

In today's landscape, where data breaches are more than mere threats, the imperative to keep data securely on-premises is crucial. Our strategy in developing AI solutions is significantly enhanced by our senior team's extensive experience in highly regulated fields, including finance. This background equips us with a nuanced understanding of the critical importance of customer data privacy. We meticulously engineer our AI-driven offerings to adhere to the highest data protection standards, ensuring that your innovative solutions remain safe, secure, and entirely within your control, offering unparalleled privacy and peace of mind.

Some examples of Private AI we developed for our clients

Enterprise Co-Pilot.webp

Enterprise Co-Pilot

Enterprise Co-Pilot is an advanced Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) tool designed for enterprise-grade applications. It efficiently harnesses your organization's document repository to deliver precise answers and insights. By integrating directly with your company's data, Enterprise Co-Pilot can instantly access a wide range of internal documents, enabling it to provide contextually accurate and highly relevant responses. This powerful tool supports decision-making processes, enhances productivity, and fosters a more informed workplace environment, making it an indispensable asset for any data-driven enterprise.

GenAI Data Scientist.webp

GenAI Data Scientist

GenAI Data Scientist is a dynamic tool designed to revolutionize the field of data analysis and management. By integrating a large language model (LLM), this tool interprets user queries with high accuracy, automatically fetching the necessary data from extensive databases. Once the data is collected, GenAI Data Scientist efficiently writes and executes code to analyze the data, delivering comprehensive answers and insights. This process not only streamlines the workflow for data scientists but also enables users with minimal coding expertise to perform complex data analyses, thereby democratizing access to data-driven decision-making in a user-friendly and efficient manner.

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