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Transforming Text and Speech into Valuable Insights

Expert AI & ML Consulting for Your Advanced NLP Needs

Sample UX
See how Large language models like ChatGPT can help your enterprise reach the next level.
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Enterprise Chat-Bot


Leverage our state-of-the-art LLM-based chatbots that can intelligently answer queries using proprietary data and look up internal databases.


"I've got this pesky error code X123 flashing on the screen while the machine's humming like a confused bee and beeping like a microwave that's proud of its cooking. What's it trying to tell me?"

AI Agent

"Ah, the X123 error accompanied by the bee hum and triumphant microwave beep! Classic. Here's the techy fix:

  1. Perform a hard reset – hold the power button for 10 seconds.

  2. Inspect the I/O ports and internal connections for any anomalies.

  3. Initiate a firmware update via the main dashboard. Hoping this little tech tango gets it back in rhythm!"

Convert Speech into Structured Data

Across a spectrum of industries, professionals need a frictionless method to gather and interpret data. Traditional form-based inputs limit expressiveness, are error-prone, and consume valuable time. DataCollect Systems envisioned a solution allowing experts to freely voice their observations without restrictions, in any language, and with minimal training.


Universal Transcription: Leveraging LLM's adaptability, our system could decipher and transcribe voice notes from diverse sectors, capturing each domain's specific terminology and nuances.


Dynamic Structured Data Creation: The post-transcription process intuitively converted these notes into actionable, structured data:

  • Dimension Capture: Relevant for industries like architecture or engineering, the system discerned and cataloged dimensions such as length, breadth, or height.

  • Service Specifications: It identified and structured details pertinent to various services, ensuring accurate downstream execution.

  • Contextual Understanding: The model's robustness ensured differentiation between similar-sounding terms across different sectors, ensuring data precision and relevance.


Automated Computations and Business Insights: The structured data was not just static information; it was the seed for automation:

  • Estimate Generation: It autonomously produces cost estimates by mapping service details and dimensions with company pricing databases.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Integrated with internal databases, the system churns out detailed reports, offering insights from patient medical records to machinery maintenance histories.

  • Decision Support: Harnessing the depth of structured data and contrasting it with historical records, the system can suggest best practices, forecast trends, and aid in proactive business decision-making.

Case Study:

AI-Based Estimator

Roofing companies conduct numerous roof assessments daily. With our solution, the inspectors are equipped with a smartphone with our app and would vocally log detailed observations. These voice recordings, rich in valuable information, needed efficient transcription and conversion into a format ready for computational tasks like estimation and analysis.

Example ux for dashboard

With some clever AI the speech is converted to an estimate. The AI connects with your database and pull all the current pricing and does all the math for you.

Formated output

Simply speak into the app; no more typing into text fields or scribbling into notepads.

Voice recording ux

Deciphering Customer Sentiments, Trends, and Emerging Issues with Advanced LLM Insights

Navigating the intricate maze of customer sentiments, especially when weighed against competitors, is no easy feat. External noise and competing data sources can obscure the clear understanding of raw customer feedback. Yet, understanding these sentiments is a cornerstone for building stronger ties with your customers and steering your venture towards unprecedented success.

Our Solution:

Harnessing the prowess of state-of-the-art Language Learning Models (LLM), Phenx isn't confined to rudimentary numerical ratings that can be easily sourced online. Instead, it delves deep, scrutinizing keywords across diverse platforms, even those devoid of conventional rating systems. Phenx then interprets these keywords, revealing the underlying sentiments and weaving them into a tapestry of comprehensive public perception about your brand and rivals.

In our digital-first era, traditional ratings barely scratch the surface. Consider platforms like Twitter and Instagram, the new-age arenas for product discourse, yet lacking formal rating paradigms. Phenx taps into these reservoirs of insights, unlocking previously hidden perspectives. It goes a step further by juxtaposing numerical ratings with keyword-driven sentiments, leading to a holistic AI-enhanced sentiment landscape.

Fixing the Roof
Delivery service

Trendspotting: Identify emerging patterns in text, staying ahead of the curve by understanding budding trends.

Proactive Issue Detection: Pinpoint potential challenges, addressing them head-on before they escalate.

Seizing Opportunities: Be the first to capitalize on fresh trends and surging demands, ensuring your business remains a step ahead.

Case Study:

The Future of Ghost Kitchen Intelligence: Phenx Owl AI System


In the ever-evolving landscape of ghost kitchens, success hinges on three pillars: market fit, product alignment, and optimal location. Traditionally, these vital data points were sourced through surveys and conventional data collection methods. However, these approaches often falter, skewed by limited sample sizes and inherent biases, thus failing to paint an accurate picture of the broader market.

Enter the untapped potential of customer reviews — these are treasure troves of rich, nuanced data that capture the essence of customer preferences, emerging trends, and market opportunities. Yet, the sheer volume of these reviews can be daunting, making it nearly impossible for businesses to manually sift through and glean actionable insights.

Location heatmap

Our cutting-edge AI system meticulously combs through tens of thousands of reviews, effectively building a dynamic knowledge base and crafting a precise model of the market. This isn't just data collection; it's the creation of a virtual market blueprint. Phenx Owl empowers businesses to draw key insights from this vast repository, illuminating the path towards achieving market synergy.

By tapping into the power of Phenx Owl, ghost kitchens can not only understand their target audience better but also stay ahead of the curve, anticipating trends and making data-driven decisions that drive success in the competitive landscape.

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